VISIT the "Working for Health” Exhibition


Celebrating the Contribution and Heritage of our Health Workers


The "Working for Health" Exhibition honours and celebrates the outstanding contributions made by
the wide ranging talented and committed health workers, who in the past, the present and the
future, will continue to deliver a world class health system for the benefit of all Australians in this
vital area of service to our community.
The aim of the exhibition is for visitors to go away with a coherent and gripping story of the evolution
of our healthcare system, the contribution of particular outstanding individuals and key events within the development of our health system, and to the health of the Australian community.
View the "Medicine from the Bush Film" featuring members of the Central Western Queensland
Aboriginal Corporation.  The film explores the historical significance of the indigenous medicine
man, bush medicine in general and the future role of bush medicines in the wider community.    Ancient wisdoms have turned full circle and will now and in the future provide valuable medical
relief for the benefit of the broader community.
A separate education room for students is included within the display / exhibition, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience for the whole family.




Wanpa-rda Matilda Outback Education Centre



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